MyLeadPod FAQ’s

My Lead Pod Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Download the App and claim your free pod.
  2. Connect with other users, through their Reward Code.
  3. Send Leads.
  4. When turns into a customer, you receive cash direct in to your My Lead Pod app.
Business owners are looking for new customers and are happy to pay cash for your introduction to someone who needs their services.
  • The more leads you send the more you can earn.
  • There is no limit to how much you earn?
Anyone who would like to earn some extra cash, connecting prospective clients with businesses.
  1. Download the App and sign up for your account.
  2. Create your Reward Codes & Rewards.
  3. Market your rewards program, unique hyperlinks provided.
  4. Clients, associates, friends, colleagues send you leads.
  5. When the leads become customers, you pay the sender through the app.
  • A complete record of all transactions are kept on the app.
  • A tax invoice is generated for each reward payment.
  • A complete list of all leads and who sent them is available.
  • You can send and receive unlimited amount of leads.
  • The more you promote your My Lead Pod the more leads you can receive.
  • The more leads you send the more you can earn.
  • There is no limit to how much you earn?
Any Business wanting to acquire more customers.
Businesses wanting to reduce their adword spend.
Sales people who would like to make better use of their networking time.
If you have great customer service and your clients love what you do.
One user login per business account.
We offer customised corporate packages, please use the contact form if you would like to set up your own company rewards programs.

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