Individual customer experience is at the heart of all business activity. Focusing on customer behavior, goals, pain points & customer expectations to direct your digital transformation and digital marketing, will result in business growth and increased customer satisfaction.

Small Business Internet Marketing

Connecting & engaging your business with your customer networks. Meeting customers where they are; building relationships and brand loyalty.


MyLeadPod Assist

MyLeadPod setup,
reward management & promotion.
MyLeadPod Training


Internet Marketing Coach

Results driven customised marketing solutions to help you optimise your marketing results

Marketing & Website Audits

Customer experience, is your website providing the best experience to encourage customers to buy.



Lead & opportunity automation, email, tasks & reminders. Manage & share upto date customer details within your team, create current marketing lists.


Small Business Digital Transformation

Today, technology needs to be an integrated part of business. Companies who want to grow will need to respond to the invasion of digital tools or risk the prospect of a slow spiral into obscurity.


Business Analysis & Digital Roadmap

Business analysis & roadmap tailored for your business goals.


Research & Technology Selection

Independent research & selection of new technology & software


Software Implementation & Training

Implementation & training of team to utilise new processes.

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