Small Business Digital Transformation

Looking for unbiased advise on selecting technology & software that improves efficiency & staff effectiveness; specifically suited to your business style, industry and processes?

Every business is unique and the array of technology and software out there is daunting. Would you like help with selecting the best apps, software or technology at an affordable price for your business?

Online Business Analysis & Strategy

Looking for help to move your business into the digital age, reduce stress, improve business efficiency & profits. It starts with your goals and what you would like achieve, then we work together to create the concepts that will empower your business.

Business Technology & Software Update

There is an overwhelming array of business software & apps available, knowing which one will work for your business can be daunting. If your struggling to find the time to research, install and train your team give Adit a call it’s what we do best.

Our Process

Analysis & Roadmap

Unique analysis & roadmap for your business goals
  • Business Analysis
  • Skills Assessment
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
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Implement & Training

Turning the concepts into reality
  • New technology Implementation
  • Software Training
  • Monitoring & Reporting
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For any questions regarding our process, don’t hesitate to contact us!

I know the business need to become more efficient, but - Let Adit guide you from start to finish on your digital transformation journey.


Do you need to get instant information to your team on the road & Get paid on the job?

Adit helps to...

Take the team online, instant access to contacts, technical data. Invoice & collect payment on the spot.

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Are you missing Important phone calls. How is the First impressions on incoming calls?

Adit helps you

Professionally greet callers with a personal message 24/7 and direct callers to the best phone number.



How do you know which contact details are right, your email, the mailing list or your phone?

Adit provides

A good CRM can maintain all customer details, history & sales activity in one place, for all the team to access from any where on any device.

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Does your business need an App or could you utilise existing apps or software?

Adit helps to...

Research Apps already available & checks their fit to your business. Or work as your project manager to create a custom app.

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Are your current emails available wherever you log on, are the sent emails available from each devise?

Adit helps you

Align your emails and documents to be available where you are on the any devise you are using.



Exhausted, keeping track of leads, enquirers in your head. Like to pass part of the jobs to others?

Adit helps with

Sales flow and workflow management tracking with auto reminders and delegation of tasks.

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It is no longer a question of whether an organization should consider its digital journey, but of how quickly it can start getting the basics in place.

Today, technology needs to be an integrated part of everything we do. Companies that hope to remain in business must respond to these business realities or risk the prospect of a slow spiral into obscurity.

Think big, start small, iterate fast

When contemplating a digital agenda, many organizations get stuck at the beginning, frozen by the complexity of the task ahead. The solution is to start small by picking low-risk initiatives that have a positive impact on customers. Future success can then be built on a foundation of proven success.

The key challenge is not deciding what to do, but what not to do. Kevin Noonan

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