Getting Started with MyLeadPod

Adding an Agreement (Reward Code) to MyLeadPod Business

Sign up for Myleadpod business and open the My Business tab

Click on the Reward Codes and then on the button to Create Reward Codes to open the “Add a reward code” page.

Enter a simple to remember code that is related to your business or products.
Keep the code between 5 and 20 characters.

Then add a description of the reward code. The description is for your purposes and not published on the app.

NOTE: You can add as many reward codes as you need.
I suggest adding 1 code per sales person or, if you sell products or services that are very different create a code for each.
HINT: For MyLeadPod to work well you need to promote the code, so only create as many codes as you are willing to buy business cards for or advertise.

Then create the Reward Program by
1. Clicking on the More Details under Create reward code or,
2. From the drop down menu under your name in the top right corner.

Enter a description of your reward, something that explains what you require new clients to buy for the lead to be successful.

Enter a $value that you will pay if the lead becomes a client.

Example of an easy to understand reward. The person sending you the lead knows what the lead has to commit to, for them to receive the reward.