What happens when I send a Lead in MyLeadPod

To send a lead, open your my lead pod and click on the green button “Send Lead”

Enter the leads details and a note explaining a little more about why you think this person would be interested in the businesses products or services.

You must enter either a phone number or an email address.

Select the business to send the lead to. It can be either a person already in your pod or someone you would like to invite to MyLeadPod.

Click on the image on the people in your pod to send them a lead. You can send the lead more than one person.

When you choose to invite someone who is not in MyLeadPod, you need to provide their name and email address.

You will also need to select how much you will pay them for the lead, as they have not joined MyLeadPod or setup their reward codes.

What happens to my Lead

Once a lead is sent to a business account, the owner of the account is sent an email to notify them they have a lead.

The owner of the business will contact the lead and discuss the leads requirements. If the lead becomes a client of the business and meets the terms of the reward, you will be rewarded for helping make the connection.

On your Dashboard, click on the Sent Leads “View All” to view the leads you have sent and their status.

Notified – Lead send to MyLeadPod Business.
Delivered – The business has acknowledged the lead.
Successful – The lead was successfully converted to a customer and you will receive the agreed upon cash reward.
Unsuccessful – The lead was not converted to a customer.

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